Aao Bhai Khillu - E-book

Aao Bhai Khillu - E-book

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Poet Prabhat's writings for children are unparalleled. His compositions are comprehensive. This collection consists of 47 marvelous poems, such as:

ईख खेत की बोली, अपने पास वाली ईख से

मेरे ऊपर क्यों गिरती हो, खड़ी रहो न ठीक से।

It is a common sight in a sugarcane farm, yet never found space in children's literature! Prabhat's poems are fragrant with folk life and culture. For readers, his poems are like games that engages children for hours at a stretch. Children can manipulate with words, use them as pieces of a puzzle and stay engrossed making and remaking poems.

His compositions have a regard for nature and they talk of co-existence. It comes across beautifully in the following lines:

भँवरा बाँस के घर में

तितली घास के घर में

आदमी रहता है

उनके पास के घर में

Bhargav Kulkarni's water color illustrations make for a scenic neighbourhood of these poems. The poems and illustrations in the book seem so intimate as if they were composed together in the same moment.

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Age 3+
Book Details
Author Prabhat
Illustrator Bhargav Kulkarni
Publisher Jugnoo Prakashan, an imprint of Ektara Trust
Year 2022
ISBN 978-93-92873-21-8
Language Hindi
No. of Pages 52
Colour 4 colour print

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Tags: E-book, Poem, Fiction, Prabhat, Bhargav Kulkarni

Tags: E-book, Poem, Fiction, Prabhat, Bhargav Kulkarni

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