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Our cycle is somewhat like your cycle.

It also has two wheels. Its back wheel is filled with the air of our surroundings. The air we breathe, has smoke, dust and also the fragrance of jasmine, just like the life around us. Back wheel feels a little more pressure, therefore, it must be filled actually with air. The front wheel also has air. But it is the air that has returned after touching the feathers of a bird. It contains our flight.

If you see it another way, cycle’s back wheel touches the earth while the front is touching the sky. The back wheel has stories of the labourers who are looking for wells. The front wheel has stories of the potters making small toys. The back wheel salutes the potter who said, “we may not be able to hold water but we can hold an earthen pot”.

Cycle’s tube is actually air’s slippers. The one who taught us to walk made our first shoes. Inherent in it is the concern for our feet, so as to free our eyes to look at the sky.

If Cycle wouldn’t share your stories then whose stories would it share. It has a tuneful whistle too that endeavors to reduce conflicts. Cycle will have more stories of fireflies and glow-worms that produce their own light than of moon and the sun.

From ants to elephants and from elephants to ants everyone’s story would be read in Cycle. Science, mathematics, language, geography, travelogue, dairy, letter, pictures, poems and many other forms and genres that are popularly known by the world would also feature in Cycle.

Cycle contains 68 colour pages. Each page inscribed with progressively better content, especially written for Cycle by writers from all over the world.

There has been an ongoing cycle of turning children into rote-learners.

Something that the rulers created and reinforced for years. Do we want to behave with our children in the same manner as governments behaved with us? Are we going to silently watch them turn into money-making machines?

Or, are we going to teach them to ask questions… to love…an ant to an elephant. Do we want them to look at the flowers for a couple of minutes? Do we want them to know that the neem leaves are falling? So, they can distinguish between leaves and garbage. And we could tell them how beautiful earth is. Eventually, love will save our earth.

Cycle is our jugnoo like proposal against this ongoing cycle.

Cycle is a magazine designed especially for children between 9-12 years of age. Stories, poems, anecdotes, travelogues, diary, letter and many more genres would initiate children to a deeper exploration of the surrounding world. Once in every two months, children can find a new launch pad with Cycle’s name on it to engage with the world that not just surround them but that which surrounds their surroundings and
that is farther than the surroundings of those surroundings.