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Pluto is the smallest planet of the world. For the youngest children.

Pluto is for children occupied in play and for adults who bend down to become a horse at a child’s insistence and get to see the world from a shorter height. Also, for children who lie down on the floor to see an ant’s wounded knee, at the same time, who dream to hug an elephant. For all those in whom childhood lives. Pluto is the address to the marbles you forgot after hiding. It is the tip of a gully. It is the interest we have in sharpening the pencil than in writing itself. It is our friend’s tiffin that is fragrant with asafeotida (hing). It is a leaf on which an insect’s address is inscribed. This inscription needs to be read before Mohen-jo-daro’s script. It has the story of a mother carrying a backpack to the bus stop. It has a backpack covered with her back’s sweat. It is a whistle of a P.E. teacher. Do you remember… pasting two wings on a pencil to make a bird. That’s how we lost so many pencils. All these birds in the sky are the pencils from our childhood. Who knows what they write in the sky? Pluto is the belief of childhood that adults often laugh at.

Pluto is designed especially for children upto 8 years of age. Poems, stories, wit, letters and many genres and a reflection of our life-world can be seen in the magazine. Pluto manifests our dream for the entire world. It is a dream of an inclusive world. This dream named Pluto appears once every two months. The magazine is published in Hindi. It is our dream, aspiration and our resolve to make Pluto a reader’s planet.