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Ektara is in the process of developing a resource centre in Bhopal. Here, one would find a huge collection of books for children in different languages. Selected children’s magazines from all over the world would also be made available here. Not just for researchers of children’s literature but also writers, activists, readers would be able to delve into the world of children’s literature.

At present, we have nearly 4500 books on varied subjects. Some selected award winning books in English, Hindi, Marathi, Konkani, Urdu, and many European languages are part of our collection. You can find titles in many disciplines such as  History, Sociology, Science, Wildlife, Botany, Philosophy, Art, and Literature to name a few. This year we have added some new French and Chinese books to our collection. Also, Russian books are making their presence felt.

Ektara is a collaborative centre, which would be developed with your collaboration. Therefore, we seek your suggestions, help and advise for the resource centre.

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