At Ektara, we make books, curate magazines, host Srijanpeeth and Riyaaz, and house an incomparable resource centre for Children's Literature and Art.

Riyaaz academy for illustrators

Like a tree, complete in itself, that sometimes flowers, and fruits, has brown leaves…A story or a poem also blossoms with flower-like illustrations. On green leaf-like words is etched an imagination of brown leaves as a proposal. One stops to admire a flower exclaims, ‘Oh it’s a Gulmohar!…Illustrations attract readers to books. Then they identify a story, and a poem tree…A fantastic dialogue between words and visuals forms an illustration. Riyaaz programme develops the skill of creating a niche illustration right from the core of the text. A one-year course for illustrators.

Takshila Bal Sahitya Srijanpeeth

Writers, poets and illustrators are invited to contribute to children’s literature under the banner of Takshila Bal Sahitya Srijanpeeth. This fellowship is offered for one year.

Resource Centre in Bhopal

Ektara Trust, Bhopal is developing a resource centre. Here, children’s literature in many languages will be available. Selected world’s best children’s magazines will be housed in the centre. The centre would be useful for researchers, textbook writing committees, and everyone working in the field of children’s literature.

Book Fairs

We bring a fresh set of books curated especially for the World Book Fair. So, meet us in New Delhi in January. To invite us for a Book Fair in your city, please write to us at

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