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Over the last few years, the discussion around AMS platforms for membership-based organisations has increased in frequency. Numerous SaaS products now promise to manage large portions of the back-office functions associations need to deliver their operations and meet the demands of their members. More recently, we’ve seen the terms AMS and CRM increasingly being used interchangeably, creating confusion around their respective definitions and which acronym represents the best option for membership organisations. AMS and CRM are terms that many people use almost interchangeably, but they offer very different services that can benefit your company in different ways. One works better at helping you acquire and onboard new members, while the other works to keep your customers engaged with and retaining your agency.

ams vs crm

CRM systems are endlessly beneficial, especially when understanding and fulfilling your customers’ needs. CRM lets you have better knowledge of who your customers are and what services of yours they will actually be interested in so that you market to the right people at the right time. Additionally, it helps you increase customer retention and communication with leads across the board as it works to increase data collection and response. An AMS solution with CRM capabilities will give you access to the right tools to handle core tasks, and provide add-on components and configurations with third-party applications that you need.

Why Does Your Association Need a CRM?

While a general CRM will do the job initially, in the long run it isn’t the most practical for operating your agency at the highest efficiency. Eventually you’ll probably want to make the switch to an insurance-based CRM, and deal with re-learning, implementing, and transferring data. A champion of all things insurance software needs, the AMS has been the foundation of an independent agency’s technology for decades. However, as your agency grows, a Customer Relationship Management system will become more vital for reaching out to prospects, following up on leads, cross selling and winning back lost accounts. Insurance Agents who do not have a CMS should include acquiring one in their 5-year planning. When starting your agency, you will need to make decisions on what software to purchase.

We recommend all agencies at a minimum have an Agency Management System to securely store and organize client information and documents. We’ve created a chart to capture these differences and help you compare the options available to your organization. The article below will cover what each system is, the pros and cons of their features, and how to determine which is the best fit for your business. Lastly, when a system is specific to your industry, it can be easier to train new employees. If they’re familiar with the industry and the software is built for that specific industry’s needs, those ideas and workflows just make sense.

Conversely, an AMS is positioned to serve existing members and support the day-to-day running of the organisation. To add to the confusion, it’s increasingly common for AMS providers to include a level of CRM functionality within their package. However, this creates an entirely new set of questions around how rich the feature set is compared to a dedicated CRM. CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’ and refers to a software platform designed to help manage customer and prospect data and interactions.

Additionally, product offerings can be improved based on web engagement metrics stored in a CRM. Think of AMS software as the member-facing system that not only helps you to strategize your different campaigns and events, but also provides an interface for your members to interact with. If you’re interested in learning more about association management software contact us for a consultation. As the needs and expectations of your members change, your association’s staff will always have a general sense of the general trends. But to truly thrive, keep ahead of renewals, reach new member prospects, and (favorably) impress your constituents, your team needs insight into the specifics of today’s trends (and what is likely coming next).

Those customizations and additional capabilities (i.e., a commissions processing platform) can come at a hefty price. One downside to making so many customizations is that it’s not guaranteed the software or customizations will be supported indefinitely. When updates are made to the software, it’s possible the customizations you built won’t be supported any longer, forcing you to recreate them again. A CRM focuses on looking at all available data to assess and manage your relationship with contacts, whether they’re current members or not.

ams vs crm

CRM, on the other hand, uses member data to analyze leads and score them accordingly. Many robust AMS provide access to resources like white papers, educational courses, and jobs. These are made available exclusively to members and are implemented through an integrated LMS and job boards. Just like the CRM, an AMS utilizes the data to provide its members with the best experience possible. CRM has an analytical dashboard that tracks customer engagement metrics such as ROI, leads, conversion, and retention rates.

More Resources About the Value of AMS Systems

If you are actively shopping for an AMS system or new CRM system take a copy of our 2023 Association Management Software Buying Guide with you today. We packed it with insider tips and best practices that will help you at every stage of the vetting and vendor selection process. Spending just a little time with that resource will help you generate some great questions to ask as you are making your decision.

ams vs crm

An insurance AMS is a comprehensive agency management solution beyond simple customer relationship management. Management systems allow insurance agencies to manage the complete customer lifecycle. Customer resource management (CRM) software is designed to manage customer relationships by primarily providing functionality for salesforce automation, customer service, and marketing. These systems also provide a platform for building additional lines of business functions including all of those typically done by an AMS system. When you’re looking for the right association management software (AMS) for your organization, you have multiple options.

CRM or AMS? Why understanding the difference is pretty important

I’ve been working in the association space for over 20 years, and I believe this gives me a unique historical perspective on this shift. Years ago, when we committed to building a product based on Microsoft Dynamics, we had the CRM functionality that associations need, but not the robust, tailor-fit modules that associations need to function every day. The security measures and privacy controls for both AMS systems and CRM solutions continue to evolve. Of course, so do the tactics of hackers and those that would love to access your association’s data.

Approve the efficiency of your insurance agency and identify which processes are helping or hurting your business. From usability to unique features, there’s a lot to be said for the big players and their massive R&D budgets. You should be offered a trial for all the commercial CRM platforms to test them out, so do your research and ask your AMS provider if they can match the usability or functionality. The Protech team understands the individual importance of these systems and how they both come together to simplify the often difficult and complicated task of association management. That’s exactly why we’ve strived to create an AMS system built around CRM principles, strategies, and tools. For example, in a recent blog post, HighRoad Solutions indicated that your staff can use AMS data in conjunction with a CRM to better identify leads and streamline marketing automation.

Let me just leave you with a couple of practical ways to put this information about distinguishing between a CRM and AMS to good use for your organization. A big part of the reason the lines are blurry is because some companies and more and more people in the association space are just using the terms interchangeably. There’s something of a historical explanation and a salesmanship ploy for this that I’ll get to shortly, but let’s try and cut straight to a helpful distinction between the two terms and the functionality they represent.

What is an AMS System (vs CRM vs ERP systems)?

Additional integrations with The Power Platform, Adobe Sign, or the hundreds of connectors built into Power Automate open access to everything your team needs, in one place. The open API design inside an AMS system like Engagement Dynamics opens up endless, easy integrations with the systems you need. And because it’s built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, you https://www.xcritical.com/ get a seamlessly integrated CRM out of the box. Whether it’s your learning management system (LMS), badging system, accounting software, website content management system (CMS), or other core systems, we have you covered. These search and export functions take many different forms based on a user’s skills, preference, function, and role at the organization.

  • When you’re looking for the right association management software (AMS) for your organization, you have multiple options.
  • The best CRM or AMS in the market could have poor ROI if your staff and members won’t use it, or haven’t adapted once you make the switch.
  • If you’re interested in learning more about association management software contact us for a consultation.
  • From these descriptions, it’s easy to see where the confusion arises as both systems are built around customer and prospect data and how to maximise its value to the organisation.
  • Automated client contact options keep agents at the forefront, nurturing stronger relationships and preventing missed renewals.

This gives them the benefit of a wider variety of features and support for their ecosystem. Intruity Corporation is a tech services company that specializes in Business Management System, CRM, VoIP technology product solutions. At Intruity our customers come first, and for over a decade our systems have been built with pride on that very mission.

Ready to make your management system your most productive employee?

As you align the needs of the member, organization and business areas, a few contenders will rise to the top of the list. However, as they are proprietary systems built and provided by specific vendors, you find yourself dealing with some of the same limitations as the typical, pure-bred AMSs. You will only be able to receive support from that vendor and cryptocurrency exchange vs broker a smaller set of specialists who work with that system as you grow and evolve. Efficiently oversee all aspects of your agency’s teams, including hiring documentation, contact details, salary information, licensing, and carrier appointments. You can also track and process commissions while monitoring your sales team’s productivity and assigning leads.

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