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Why Should Hotels Use AI-powered Chatbots in 2022?

chatbot in hotels

The travel industry is ranked among the top 5 for chatbot applications, accounting for 16% of their use. In the modern hotel industry, guest communication plays a critical role in delivering exceptional experiences. With the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), hoteliers now have access to powerful tools that can revolutionise guest interactions. In this article, we’ll answer your questions and show you the ultimate solution for seamless and effective guest communication.


Modern customers have high expectations when it comes to customer service response times. This can be especially challenging in the travel and hospitality industry, where customers worldwide may have questions and may ask them at different times. You might have trouble setting up a chatbot for your hotel because it might disrupt your focus on the business.

Main advantages of HiJiffy’s Hotel Chatbot

It is usually a bad idea to work with consultants that will create a bot from scratch according to your ideas. Try Little Hotelier completely free for 30 days and gain access to a whole range of powerful features, including your chosen hotel chatbot. A rule-based chatbot will work from conversation flows that you provide to it, asking and answering queries from a set of instructions. Most commonly, hotels use widgets to display their chatbots since they are not intrusive and can be easily implemented across the entire website. Typically, this means responses from a chatbot are much faster and it takes the pressure off small hotels which don’t have the staff capacity to monitor live chat.

  • It should also be able to execute tasks about those questions and answers.
  • Thus, you can choose among bot builders previously discussed in this article.
  • This article gives you useful insights on how to make the most of your new hotel virtual assistant.
  • ERP systems for overall management without the need of a backend database or dashboards.
  • In other words, you must be able to meet your prospects’ needs as quickly as possible.
  • On top of this, chatbots can also be deployed on social media and instant messenger platforms, providing options to book directly through that platform, or offering direct links to the main booking system.

HiJiffy’s conversational app speeds up the time it takes to complete specific streams, increasing the chances of conversion by combining text-based messages with graphical elements. Provide a simple yet sophisticated solution to enhance the guest’s journey. Personalise the image of your Booking Assistant to fit your guidelines and provide a seamless brand experience.

Chatbots help hoteliers gain an insight into customer satisfaction before it appears on TripAdvisor

Furthermore, training staff to use the system at its best and addressing their concerns and resistance to change is inevitable. In turn, developing a marketing communications program to inform customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders on the changes [21] become priority requirements. Finally, data analysis is crucial to better understanding users’ and the market’s behavior [29].

chatbot in hotels

In this article, we will tell you about chatbots for the real estate segment and how you can build one that will perfectly suit your business strategy. Real estate chatbots embrace the API economy and can be deployed across social media channels, like Facebook Messenger. This, in addition to text messages, e-mails, smartphone apps, and the website ensures your business has a ubiquitous presence no matter where your customer is. Create long-standing relationships with customers and identify opportunities for cross-selling and upselling with RPA-embedded chatbots.

Chatbots for Ecommerce in 2023: A Vendor Selection Guide

The future holds even more potential, with AI and machine learning guiding us towards greater guest satisfaction and efficiency. The chatbot revolution in the hotel industry is here to stay, making it essential for all hoteliers to embrace this technology. On the one hand, immediate access, automation, and ease of use have made these applications an irreplaceable part of many tourists’ daily lives.

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